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Classes/shooting are held in Bowling Green, Ohio

Gun, Conceal Carry Permit in Bowling Green, OH

Conceal Carry Permit Class in Perrysburg, Ohio

Carry your concealed weapon with confidence. Enroll in a concealed carry training course offered by C&R Conceal Carry Class in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Ohio Conceal Carry Permit Class

Our training course consists of 6 hours in our classroom followed by 2 hours of live fire exercises on a shooting range.

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Conceal Carry Subjects Covered:

• The required NRA Basic Pistol Course
• "The Carry Law" - House Bill 12,347,184
• Knowledge, Skills, & Confidence
• Range Safety & Etiquette
• Purchasing a Pistol and Ammunition
• Live Firing Instruction
• Types of Concealment for Firearms

• Pistol Parts, Action Types, Function, Loading, & Unloading
• The Differences in Ammunition Types
• Cleaning, Transportation, & Storage Of Firearms
• Proper Shooting Techniques, Stances, & Positions
• Proper Methods of Handling a Violent Confrontation
• Ensuring Your Safety During a Police Encounter
• Gun Safety Rules for Handling & Storage

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Q: I do not own a gun, can I still take the class?
A: Yes, Please let the instructor know prior to the class and one can be made available to you. But you must purchase the ammo.

Q: I do not have any hand gun experience can I still take the class?
A: You may take the class if you do not own a firearm or have any shooting experience. You will be taught basic shooting fundamentals and firearm safety. Upon completion of the basic pistol class you will possess the skills necessary to safely handle a firearm. We still recommend that you further your education and training by taking one of our other advanced classes.

Q: Once I have taken the class will I automatically get my conceal carry license?
A: Upon completion of the basic pistol class you will be given the application to fill out and present to the County Sheriff for a proper back ground check before the license is issued.